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投影仪防护箱溶洞景点项目 投影仪防护箱溶洞景点项目
投影仪防护箱溶洞景点项目 投影仪防护箱溶洞景点项目
投影仪防护箱溶洞景点项目 Project Description:
Zhangjiajie nine days Xuan woman cave has "Asia's first Hole", the cave of the stalagmites, stone pillars, stone mantle, stone flower, Shiren, stone beast and other variety, can be described as colorful, a wide range. Nine days Xuan women's Cave light and Shadow show in the Zhangjiajie government leadership under the overall coordination, the world's first cave scene light and shadow drama in Zhangjiajie nine days hole to meet the world. As the world's first cavern reality light and Shadow drama "Nine Days Xuan Woman" is the icing on the cake, let nine day hole become a new travel business card in Zhangjiajie.
"Nine days Xuan Woman" with modern light and shadow technology new interpretation of nine days Xuan woman and Zhangjiajie kudzu willing story, in a swoop to break the impression drama stage fixed, auditorium fixed, cast huge traditional mode, with several skylights of the cavern as the background, the stage fixed, so that the audience flow to watch, so that visitors in the process of the tour to complete the perfect experience
This project contains a total of
Two 18000 lumens du9800z laser projection
Three 12000 lumens RU81913 laser projection
Considering the special environment of the cavern, a constant temperature moisture-proof box is customized for each projection by Akiyoshi technology to solve the problem of wet, low temperature and easy corrosion to the machine in the cavern environment.