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Technical application of precision sheet metal processing
- 2018-11-08-

Technical application of precision sheet metal processing

Precision Sheet Metal ProcessingCommonly known as metal sheet processing, it is the use of plate production chimney, iron barrel, fuel tank oil pot, ventilation pipe, constant temperature and humidity protection box, Day circle Place, funnel shape and safe box, etc., the main process has shear, bending buckle edge, bending molding, welding, riveting and so on, the need for a certain degree of geometric knowledge. Precision sheet metal processing made of thin sheet hardware, that is, can be through stamping, bending, stretching and other means to process parts, a general definition is in the processing process thickness of the parts.


Precision sheet metal processing applications are mainly reflected in the industrial, similar to the production of a variety of boxes to use sheet metal processing parts, constant temperature and humidity protection box processing of the entire box is made of sheet metal processing. Sheet Metal Workshop Processing parts of the processing steps are: Pre-product testing, product processing trial production and product batch manufacturing. In the product processing trial steps, generally to communicate with customers, get the corresponding processing of the confirmation, and then carry out batch production of products.

Precision sheet metal processing industry applications have changed the traditional sheet metal technology processing methods, to achieve unmanned operation, greatly improve the production efficiency. Constant temperature and humidity protection box are to achieve the full automatic operation, driving the development of sheet metal economy, in the production of safe box punching effect to improve a grade, processing effect is remarkable.