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How the process path of precision sheet metal machining is optimized
- 2018-11-10-

How the process path of precision sheet metal machining is optimized

Precision Sheet Metal ProcessingIt is used in many industrial manufacturing, mainly a cold processing process for metals. The Safe box we see on a daily basis will be used in the treatment and structure of the surface layer of this cold processing, and then, for example, we see in the roadside of the advertising box around is made of sheet metal processing, play a beautiful and solid role, then precision sheet metal processing process path is how to optimize it?

Precision sheet metal processing of the shearing plate, according to the layout to CNC punch ruler under the material, laser, CNC punch corner residual material can be used again. If the conditions allow can be customized according to the layout of the Kaiping steel plate size, as far as possible to reduce their own two cutting; the safe box of CNC punching sheet metal parts two times can achieve sheet metal co-edge, but to actually demonstrate the economic efficiency ratio.

Precision sheet metal processing laser application, according to product technology and economic benefits of the production of laser frame movement, heterosexual, non-standard, small batch, multi-batch, high economic efficiency, not suitable for CNC punch mold opening, high accuracy, can be molded at once.

Precision sheet metal processing CNC punch, according to the product process characteristics of the implementation of CNC rack, high-volume, mold can meet the process requirements of the standard, can play a greater potential for equipment, such as tapping, sinking hole, fish scale hole, roller, and so on. Most sheet metal enterprises do not fully utilize the effectiveness of CNC punch, which is related to the traditional production mode of enterprises, curing the potential of first-line staff process innovation.

Precision sheet Metal processing Puchong: Corner residual material once molded, laser number punching can not meet the process, advertising box around the sheet metal processing is made through the general punching process, the use of ordinary stamping process is very many, generally in the electronics industry and the automotive industry is more common, the conventional safe box surface layer will also use the PU punching process.