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Laser applications for precision sheet metal processing
- 2018-08-30-

Laser applications for precision sheet metal processing

Precision Sheet Metal ProcessingSheet metal technicians need to master the hinge technology, but also sheet metal products forming an important process. Precision Sheet metal processing is a traditional cutting material, punching processing, bending forming and other methods and technical parameters, including a variety of safe box mold structure and process parameters, the working principle of various equipment and operating methods, but also includes new. Stamping technology and new technology, metal hanging plate processing is also a sheet metal processing.


Precision sheet Metal processing steps are: Product trial production, product processing and batch products. In the process of product processing, we should communicate with customers in a timely manner, get the corresponding processing evaluation, and then carry out mass production of products, laser punching technology is a practical laser technology in laser material processing technology.

Sheet Metal Workshop Laser punching generally uses pulsed laser, high energy density, short time, can be processed 1μm small holes, especially suitable for metal hanger processing with a certain angle and thin materials of small holes, but also suitable for processing hardness of higher strength or more soft than deep holes and small holes of the soft material. Laser can realize the drilling of gas turbine burner parts, drilling effect can achieve three-dimensional direction, the number of up to thousands of. Perforated safety box materials include stainless steel, nickel chromium ferroalloy and Hastroy (hastelly) base alloys.

Laser punching technology is not affected by the mechanical properties of materials, easy to achieve automation. In the development of laser punching technology, laser cutting machine to achieve automatic operation, in the precision sheet metal processing industry above the application of traditional sheet metal processing technology, changed the processing method, to achieve unmanned operation, greatly improve the production efficiency of the safe box, to achieve fully automatic operation, drive the development of sheet metal economy, in the hole drilling effect to improve the first level, The processing effect of metal hanger is remarkable.