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Outdoor Projector Cabinets

Outdoor Projector Cabinets

Product Details


1, thermostat box using special design, to solve the projector temperature and humidity requirements, and in bad weather can be used normally, such as rain and snow thunder and other bad weather.

2, thermostat can be set, self-heating or cooling the projector's ambient temperature, reduce the environmental humidity of the projector. Make sure the projector is working properly.

3, thermostat shell design for waterproof and ventilated professional structure, can effectively avoid moisture in the rain and snow weather into the projector, and at the same time to ensure that the projector into the exhaust of the wind-changing operation. Avoid damage to expensive large engineering projectors and have a reliable prefabricated ground interface to prevent lightning strikes. The shell is custom-made of steel plate, stable structure, will not deform. Surface treatment is anti-corrosion and anti-rust spraying surface treatment. Light surface treatment can effectively reduce hot weather when the sun heats the thermostat in the direct sun.

4, thermostatic box using dual-channel power supply system, projector power supply system and thermostat power supply system independent, to avoid interference with each other. And when there is a power supply system problem, it is convenient to troubleshoot and solve the problem.

5,Constant temperature and humidity protective boxAll external interface using waterproof design, chassis standard waterproof Power interface, waterproof network signal interface, to ensure power supply and video control signal and video stability.

6, Thermostat box using double-layer chassis design. The outer layer is a load-bearing layer. Between the double layers is the air layer. Ensure that the air is treated and then entered into the projector inlet system.

7, thermostats in the configuration of a number of sensors, monitoring different temperature zone signals, to achieve automatic system adjustment.