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Projector Outdoor Ventilation box

Projector Outdoor Ventilation box

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Projector Thermostat Principle:

1, drying box built-in air heating system 4 sets, cold air inhalation after heating system heating, along the preset airway into the projector inlet, so that the projector operating temperature control in 零上5度 to 40 degrees, the projector operating at normal temperature.

2, projector exhaust duct for disassembly type, winter airway closed, exhaust hot air continue to fuse with the intake of cold air, into the projector inlet cycle. The winter projector vents are set on both sides of the machine

3, Summer Open the airway, so that the projector exhaust directly blowing out, shorten the exhaust time, to maintain the normal temperature operation of the machine.

Projector Thermostat Advantages:

1, all interfaces using waterproof interface, direct power supply, and set up ground line, play a role in lightning avoidance.

2,Constant temperature and humidity protective boxThe external size of the box is 1.2m*0.8m*0.6m, the inner layer replaceable structure, convenient for other types of projector use.

Projector Outdoor constant temperature waterproof windproof dryer Comprehensive protection of your projector, extend the life of the projector, and let your projector in both the cold and the heat can be normal operation.