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Projector Outdoor Waterproof Box

Projector Outdoor Waterproof Box

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Constant temperature and humidity cabinets are widely used to maintain constant temperature and humidity conditions of items, such as cultural relics, calligraphy and painting, chips, precision instruments, precision molds, pharmaceuticals, electronic components, medical drugs, biological samples, forest film, advanced lenses, aviation specific materials, valuable materials and other items.

Scope of application:

Scientific research institutions, laboratories, material rooms, universities, hospitals, aerospace institutes, museums, archives, electronic companies, photovoltaic enterprises, equipment and instruments companies, etc.

Constant temperature and humidity protective boxOverall structure:

Constant temperature and humidity cabinet is composed of double-layer cold-rolled steel plate filled with insulation materials. Between the cabinet shell and the inner cabinet with polyurethane high pressure foaming filled with a molding, with temperature resistance, adiabatic, flame retardant and other characteristics;

The cabinet has a built-in temperature and humidity probe, which acts as a digital sensor to collect data and achieve accurate temperature and humidity control. The sensor has the characteristics of high response sensitivity and strong anti-jamming ability.

The top of the cabinet is generally placed temperature and humidity control module system, connecting the System LCD summary table. The System LCD summary table by the blue screen LCD LCD cabinet temperature and humidity and other data, but also in the Function button panel can be set up and manual control.

The cabinet door is one-way open, the material has stainless steel and tempered glass, the former isolation effect is good, the latter can observe the situation in the cabinet at any time.

There is a stealth safety handle on the cabinet door, the cabinet door is equipped with permanent magnet closed strip, to ensure the sealing of the cabinet body.

The cabinet is generally equipped with 3-6 layers of laminates, easy to adjust the space distribution according to the size of the storage. Another whole cabinet with casters design, easy to move and use.