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Projector Outdoor Protective Box

Projector Outdoor Protective Box

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Temperature control mode:
1. Heating control principle: The use of PTC Thermal semiconductor resistance heating sheet to the cabinet temperature heating adjustment, PTC at the same time with high temperature automatic protection function.
2. Cooling control principle: The use of compressor system through compression → condensation → expansion → evaporation (heat absorption) of the refrigeration cycle to achieve the control cabinet to maintain low temperature and constant temperature.
Humidity control mode:
1. Dehumidification control principle: The use of molecular sieve adsorption of water in the air. Molecular sieve is synthetic and has strong adsorption to water molecules of desiccant products, with long repeated life (100,000 times), and in low temperature environment can also absorb a large amount of water;
2. Humidification Control principle: Built-in ultrasonic humidification equipment, the use of ultrasonic high-frequency shock, water mist into ultrafine particles and negative oxygen ions, negative oxygen ions, to achieve a uniform humidification and humidification effect.

Constant temperature and humidity protective boxBasic parameters:
Input voltage: 220V
Temperature control range: 15℃-35℃;
Moisture control Range: 30%-60%RH;
Temperature fluctuation range: ±2℃;
Humidity fluctuation range: 5-10±RH;
Temperature uniformity in the cabinet: ±2℃;
Temperature measurement accuracy: ±0.5℃;
Temperature test accuracy: ±5%RH;
Power: 200-380W, Peak 2000W;
General Cabinet Volume Specification: 180l,240l,500l,680l,1000l,1500l,1580l; Manufacturers can generally accept custom-made specifications of various sizes.