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Projector Outdoor Thermostat

Projector Outdoor Thermostat

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1. Stay away from flammable and explosive objects;

2. Where water or other liquids are not spilled;

3. Places with less dust;

4. Stable, flat places that are not easily shaken;

5. Reserve more than 30CM of space on the back and side of the cabinet to allow the body to ventilate and dissipate heat.


1, in the first use or long-distance handling cabinets,Constant temperature and humidity protective boxIn the installation, please rest for more than 2 hours before you can power up the work;

2, constant temperature and humidity storage cabinets do not frequently open doors and close the door, otherwise it will affect the temperature control effect;

3, the items should be maintained a certain gap (not less than MM), stored on the support frame, too dense or multi-layer stacking, not conducive to flow, affecting the uniformity of the cabinet humidity;

4, each layer of plate storage items must not exceed 30Kg weight, and as far as possible to place uniform;

5, the placement of items can not block the gas vents, affecting the moisture control effect;

6, the cabinet can not use combustible gas or liquid near;

7, do not try to open the upper cover part of the control cabinet, otherwise will lose the warranty qualification;

8, the chassis has high-voltage components, do not disassemble without permission;

9, if there is a metal object or liquid in the work of the control cabinet into the controlled part, immediately disconnect the power supply, unplug the power cord, wait for the machine to cool, and then completely remove the falling object, dirt, such as the above left dirt, reboot work may emit odor;

10, the long time to stop using, please disconnect the power supply;

11, if there is a power outage time is too long (more than 2 hours), low temperature cabinet may have water, again before use, be sure to clear the water, and open the door ventilation dry more than 2 hours and then boot use;