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Projection Thermostat

Projection Thermostat

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Constant temperature and humidity cabinets should not be in high voltage, large current, strong magnetic field, with corrosive gases (such as acid, alkali, sulfur substances), so as not to interfere with damage and danger. This results in damage to the instrument (including accessories) that is not covered by the warranty.


Second, the operating temperature for a long time less than 10 ℃, the need for regular downtime maintenance compressor, so as not to reduce the cooling effect.


The ground around the machine should be kept clean at all times to avoid a large amount of dust inhalation in the unit to worsen working conditions and reduce the performance of use.


Third, should be placed in the indoor with good ventilation conditions, not close to the wall, to ensure the level of the ground, in its surroundings can not be placed flammable and explosive items.


IV, waterway system inspection and maintenance, please be sure to regularly check to ensure that there is no leakage or blockage of the pipeline, the water Level control cup without leakage and normal water level. Regular cleaning of the pipeline and water level control water cup dirt or sediment, strict use of water quality requirements to help the long-term guarantee of smooth waterway system.


FifthProjector Protective BoxTo do a good job in daily maintenance work, the use and maintenance should be dedicated personnel, maintenance or replacement of spare parts must first cut off the power supply, to ensure safety. internal and external should often keep clean, long-term should not cover the plastic dust cover constant temperature, constant temperature and humidity cabinet should be how to maintain in the dry room.