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Moisture-proof Cabinets

Moisture-proof Cabinets

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Optoelectronic material refers to the materials used in the manufacture of various optoelectronic equipment (mainly including various main and passive photoelectric sensor optical information processing and storage devices and optical communication, etc.), mainly including infrared materials, laser materials, optical fiber materials, nonlinear optical materials and so on. These optoelectronic materials are used in the field of high-end fields, the requirements of raw materials are more difficult to carve, often due to some problems of materials easy to lead to poor communication after use, so these materials in the daily storage should be extremely careful, generally before not used to save in the moisture-proof cabinet, which can effectively prevent the appearance of photoelectric materials moldy, damp , electrification phenomenon, so as not to affect the late use.

With the rapid development of optoelectronic technology, the demand for optoelectronic materials is also more and more large, the average annual photoelectric materials due to a variety of improper storage, by moisture, mildew and other infringement, resulting in the use of these undesirable photoelectric materials produced by the photoelectric communication products abnormal, resulting in a large number of economic losses.

Constant temperature and humidity protective boxHow do we preserve optoelectronic materials so as not to affect the daily use? Moisture is the star of all optoelectronic materials if there is no moisture-proof work in the daily, it is easy to make these photoelectric materials made of finished products problems, so photoelectric materials to use high-quality moisture-proof cabinets to save, moisture-proof cabinets can control the humidity in the cabinet, so that the contents of the inside are not affected by the outside moisture. If it is often opened the cabinet door is best to choose the dehumidification speed of the moisture-proof cabinet, otherwise because the opening of the cabinet is too many times will make the cabinet humidity is difficult to descend.