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Constant temperature and humidity storage cabinets

Constant temperature and humidity storage cabinets

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Constant temperature and humidity protective boxThe heat sources commonly used in fuel are solid fuels, liquid fuels, gaseous fuels, heat carriers and electrical energy. In detail, it is important to have a variety of combustion (coal, natural gas, liquefied coal oil and gas, combustible chemical gas) and atmosphere of combustion products, steam, hot water, electricity and with positive heat exhaust gas, waste liquid, waste oil slag and so on. If the hot atmosphere used for drying needs indirect heat transfer, the heat transfer medium has another heat conduction oil (Daosheng oil, etc.). Then the heat source in the dryer selection should be thought of the content, important rendezvous in the following aspects:

① Product quality requirements. Heating temperature, the degree of cleanliness of the heat source has a great impact on the amount of product lattice;

② satisfied with environmental protection requirements. Some burning heat sources in the combustion process will produce odor or smoke, discharged into the atmosphere will produce pollution, such heat sources should be carefully used, if it is certain to choose also to hold environmental protection treatment penalties;

③ economy is easy to get. The selected heat source should be suitable for the ground, not only to ponder the use of various heat sources, but also to think easily;

④ quiet and reliable. This point is more important for direct combustion heat source, some of the dry materials flammable, explosive or easy to oxidize, disposal penalty such materials are best to choose indirect heat transfer heat source, the choice of direct combustion type to have a special flame retardant or explosion-proof pace;

⑤ is easy to manipulate. The selected heat source is probably convenient for manipulation and active control, the talent tube product lattice is stable.