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Projector Drying Box

Projector Drying Box

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Electronic moisture-proof box, nitrogen drying cabinet in the industrial electronics industry is a wide range of applications, is used to store wet sensitive components commonly used equipment, especially semiconductor microelectronics industry used to store IC chips, wafers, BGA packaging and so on.

With the progress of industry, electronic components towards miniaturization, portability, high-performance development. Higher requirements are put forward for circuit assembly technology and I/O lead numbers, chip references are getting smaller, pins are getting more and more, and if storage is not properly kept, it brings more confusion to generation and product quality. Electronic moisture-proof box, nitrogen drying cabinet can be very good to store storage, to prevent the occurrence of these problems.


  Projector Protective Box, the nitrogen drying cabinet works in a specific box, maintaining a relatively dry environment or in an inert gas atmosphere. One of the electronic moisture-proof box is the use of unique polymer materials physical cycle moisture absorption, through the microcomputer control, so that the box can reach the specified humidity value. Moisture absorption process without temperature rise, no noise, no dripping water. Nitrogen drying Cabinet is to fill the box with nitrogen, replace the original air, because the high purity nitrogen itself is relatively dry, filled into the box can quickly achieve a dry and anti-oxidation effect.


As for the nitrogen leakage problem, because the nitrogen cabinet itself is an excellent sealing performance box, but after all, is not a fully closed pressure vessel, if there is a positive pressure in the box, there will still be leaks. When the humidity value or oxygen content value reaches the preset value, the nitrogen cabinet can keep the humidity or oxygen content stable for a certain period of time when there is no positive pressure in the box.