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Coffee Machine Box

Coffee Machine Box

Product Details

Coffee chassis material:

Cold rolled / hot rolled steel / stainless steel / galvanized steel / iron and other hardware materials

Treatment methods:

Numerical control stamping, numerical control bending, laser cutting, argon fluoride welding and so on

Scope of acceptance:

Drawings, samples, incoming materials, or OEM design

Product range:

Power network cabinet, cabinet, distribution box, distribution cabinet, traffic signal console, medical device shell, advertising machine shell, product display cabinet, mine explosion-proof shell, operation desk TV wall, humidifier dehumidifier, automatic water distributor shell, PVC panel.

All kinds of sheet metal processing, precision metal bending processing, metal stamping, laser cutting, CNC machining, welding bonding, surface treatment, electroplating, painting, machining, grinding, assembly and so on power network cabinet; distribution box distribution cabinet; traffic signal console; medical equipment shell; advertising machine shell; product display cabinet; mine explosion-proof shell; operation TV wall; humidifier dehumidifier; water vending machine shell panel; PVC


Spray paint, the baking paint can be PANTON first color, can be adjusted according to customer needs

Surface treatment:

Lacquer, spray, galvanized, sand jet oxidation, screen printing, mirror or grinding, etc.

Processing equipment:

CNC punching machine, CNC bending machine, laser cutting machine, various mechanical and hydraulic shearing machine, bending machine, grinding machine, multiple welding and so on