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Metal Housing Processing

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The rapid development of society has led to the extensive use of computers, television and other electrical appliances, the extensive use of electrical appliances brought about unavoidable electromagnetic radiation. As we all know, the damage of electromagnetic radiation to the human body is very large, can cause cancer, can lead to cardiovascular diseases and so on. In many sources of radiation, the radiation produced by computers is not to be underestimated. But people often care about the radiation of the monitor, while ignoring the radiation from the host.

Because the chassis of the mainframe is a metal shell, and the electromagnetic shielding effect of the metal shell leads to a large decrease in radiation, it is the inertial thinking of people, but also the fact. Chassis in the radiation protection is really played a small role, but if the chassis does not do in place, the anti-radiation effect is not so. In the chassis radiation protection, we should pay attention to what problems? Today, the author summed up a few points to share with you.

How to let the chassis absorb radiation more effectively? This depends on the material of the chassis, now the chassis on the market, generally using galvanized steel plate, but also the use of aluminum alloy plate. Although the Iron plate chassis can also prevent radiation, but the iron plate is easy to rust, and the rack is not strong, so there are very few iron plate chassis on the market, but there are some bad manufacturers in order to save costs using iron plate.

The next thing we're going to say is galvanized steel, people like galvanized steel plate just because it's rugged? The answer is no. Because the surface of galvanized steel plate has a layer of metal zinc, the absorption radiation capacity of metal zinc is very strong. Some manufacturers in order to beautiful and in the double-sided painting or paint, because the lacquer is not conductive metal, so double-sided painting will weaken the chassis anti-radiation ability.

The radiation resistance of aluminum alloy is stronger than that of steel plate, which is due to the high conductivity of aluminum alloy. But there is an important problem we can not ignore, that is, aluminum alloy cost is relatively high, and some aluminum alloy chassis also used blackening treatment, further enhance the radiation protection capacity, but the result is to make it more expensive. So the current market on the aluminum alloy chassis are generally in the middle and high-end price.

Because the absorption radiation capacity of aluminum is relatively strong, so there are pure aluminum chassis on the market, but the strength of pure aluminum is obviously much lower, in order to enhance the stability of the chassis, pure aluminum chassis plate is generally thicker, which also increases the cost of the chassis. So pure aluminum chassis is also expensive.

The next thing we're going to say is the gap between the chassis plates, and the gap between the chassis plates is a big cause of radiation leaks. We should first pay attention to whether there is good contact between the two adjacent pieces of metal material. But the gap between the side panels is difficult to achieve 100% contact, so there is a anti-magnetic shrapnel and touch design on the market.

The design of anti-magnetic shrapnel and contact points is also very important. Contact and anti-magnetic shrapnel design, to ensure that the chassis side plate and rack full contact, so that the chassis in the electrical conductivity can become a whole.

After finishing the gap in the chassis, let's take a look at the chassis face. Chassis face generally has optical drive bit, floppy drive bit and other bezel. These baffles cannot be considered. Now some manufacturers are also in order to save costs and directly use plastic baffle, which obviously has a negative impact on radiation protection.

Optical drive bezel using metal for the best, preferably punching mesh, on the one hand, in order to prevent radiation, on the other hand, it has a good effect on heat dissipation. This optical drive bezel cannot be underestimated because it is designed to be basically in the upper part of the chassis panel in order to be more convenient to use. But if you do not drive with light, the optical drive bezel anti-radiation effect is very important.

The function of the front panel of the chassis is also very important, it can block the radiation from the inside of the chassis, but now some manufacturers change the front panel into plastic material, anti-radiation effect is a big discount.

It doesn't matter if you switch to plastic material, you don't remove the perforated metal plate from the inlet, and some manufacturers directly remove the metal mesh, replace it with a dust-proof net, and say it's dustproof. Dust is not defense, but the dust net mostly uses nylon material, nylon material anti-radiation effect is how big, the earth people know. What you want to ask here is, is there a conflict between the perforated metal plate and the dust net?

    Precision Sheet Metal ProcessingIn order to dissipate heat, the chassis opened a number of heat dissipation holes. The opening diameter in R/30 (R for Wavelength) is relatively good, generally less than 6cm is preferred. Now the cooling hole on the market will generally not exceed 6cm, which is not to worry about. The shape of the heat dissipation hole is more critical, generally using equal-angle hexagonal, square or equilateral triangle.

Now the chassis on the market cooling open hole is generally more qualified. And the next thing to say is the oversized side, and some players usually choose a chassis with an oversized sideways and install accessories with LED dazzling lights on the inside in order to make their machines run even more cool.