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Advertising boxes

Advertising boxes

Product Details

Advertising boxes 

Constant flashing combined stay, effectively improve people's visual impact, improve the advertising unit area utilization rate, and change light box and rolling light box as the advertising effect is self-evident. Advertising light box set the advantages of neon lights in one, day and night can be uninterrupted flashing, static and dynamic combination to attract people's attention. A variety of text, patterns of orderly jumping, alternating glow, strong visual impact. Satisfy the visual feeling of the viewer and promote the advertisers to obtain the maximum economic benefits. LED Electronic flashing light box will be the future advertising industry dynamic light box a shining pearl.

Key Features editing

1, beautiful appearance, ultra-thin ultra-light. The light box can be thinner to 2 cm and the lightest light to 0.5kg;

2, more than 70% energy saving than the traditional light box. International leading lighting technology, so that the light is more concentrated, more efficient and energy-saving;

3, Unique light box anti-flashing function, lamp service life is longer;

4, Variable line light source for the surface light source, illumination more uniform, softer, more comfortable vision;

5, natural light pseudo-true color design, the image is more realistic and pleasing, visual effect is more excellent;

6, high-tech light guide plate technology design, its principle and effect can be comparable to the LCD display of notebook computer;

7, make full use of the backlight transmission characteristics of the material, the light release rate is high, the light propagation is more uniform, natural;

8, quickly open the design, replacement of the lamp is simpler and faster;

Usage: Widely used in shopping malls, supermarkets, banks, chain stores, hotel restaurants, restaurants, airports, docks, subways, stations, wedding studios, exhibition and display projects and other industries.