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Sheet Metal Box Processing

Sheet Metal Box Processing

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of aluminum alloy profilePrecision Sheet Metal ProcessingThe production process mainly includes casting, extrusion and coloring (coloring mainly includes: oxidation, electrophoresis coating, fluoride spraying, powder spraying, wood grain transfer printing, etc.) three processes.

1, casting is the first process of aluminum production.

The main processes are:

(1) Ingredients: According to the need to produce specific alloy grades, calculate the amount of various alloy components added, reasonable collocation of a variety of raw materials.

(2) Smelting: The matching raw materials according to the process requirements to add melt in the smelting furnace, and through the degasification, slag removal refining means to effectively remove the slag and gas in the melt body.

(3) Casting: smelting good aluminum liquid under certain casting process conditions, through the deep well casting system, cooling cast into a variety of specifications of the round casting rod.

2, Extrusion: Extrusion is the means of profile forming. First according to the Profile product section design, manufacture mold, the use of extruder will be heated round casting rod from the mold extrusion forming. The commonly used grade 6063 alloy, in the extrusion also uses a air-cooled quenching process and the subsequent artificial aging process, in order to complete the heat treatment enhancement. The heat treatment system of heat-treated reinforced alloys with different grades is different.

3, coloring (here first mainly on the oxidation process)

Oxidation: Extrusion of good aluminum alloy profiles, its surface corrosion resistance is not strong, it is necessary to carry out surface treatment through anodic oxidation to increase the corrosion resistance of aluminum, wear resistance and appearance of aesthetics.

The main processes are:

(1) Surface pretreatment: The surface of the profile is cleaned by chemical or physical methods, and the pure substrate is exposed to facilitate the acquisition of a complete and dense artificial oxide film. Mirror or light-free (matt) surfaces can also be obtained by mechanical means.

(2) Anodic oxidation: Through the surface pretreatment of the profile, under certain technological conditions, the substrate surface anodic oxidation, the formation of a dense, porous, strong adsorption of the AL203 film layer.

(3) Sealing hole: The porous oxide film produced after anodic oxidation of the membrane hole pore closure, so that the oxidation film anti-pollution, corrosion resistance and wear resistance. The oxide film is colorless and transparent, using the strong adsorption of the pre-sealing oxide film, in the membrane hole adsorption deposition of some metal salts, can make the appearance of the profile outside the original color (silver) and many other colors, such as: black, bronze, golden and stainless steel color.