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    Guangzhou Akiyoshi Technology Co., Ltd.Founded in September 2015, is a research and development, production, customer to map customization of various types of sheet metal chassis and equipment of high-tech enterprises, is the earliest manufacture of constant temperature and humidity projector protective box, laser protective box enterprises, the company designed and manufactured protective boxes for large digital projector outdoor projection protection use, Can be used with 6500-30000 lumens projector.

The company has: first-class management team, the implementation of the most advanced management concepts and operating mode, leading all staff to create a high efficiency and quality of low-cost enterprise production environment! For our customers to produce high-quality low-cost metal chassis products, for the vast number of customers to create greater value!

The company has: first-class engineering team and R & amp; d team, we follow the footsteps of advanced technology, on the basis of which to achieve leap technological innovation, and combined with the particularity of the projector use site and the needs of the vast number of customers continue to improve and improve, to do their best to improve product protection performance!

The company's main:

    Projector Protective Box,Constant temperature and humidity protectionProtective boxes,Advertising box, fructose chassis, coffee chassis, golf tee machine, precision sheet metal processing, metal protective box, metal hanger, safe box.