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Provide you with projector outdoor protection solutions
Provide you with projectors outdoor and solutions
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Are you working forIs there a headache about the use of the projector outdoors?
  • How the outdoor projector dissipates heat
  • How the outdoor projector is moisture-proof and waterproof
  • Outdoor projector Stolen
  • Projector temperature is too high
  • Cannot be remotely controlled
  • Power supply is not convenient
  • Projector Auto Shutdown
  • It's going to shut down suddenly at work.
  • How about the projector? Constant temperature
  • Outdoor projector damp and wet
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  • Division I since its inception for many large well-known enterprises, characteristic attractions, municipal engineering projects to provide exclusive customization services, is committed to solving industry technology and production schedule and other difficult problems, widely praised by customers.
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  • Xiangsheng Technology has a professional R & amp; d team, in technology to break through a number of industry problems, and has obtained a number of invention patents, utility model patents and product appearance patents, professional witness brand strength.
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  • Division I through the ISO9001 certification, and in strict accordance with the quality Management system standards, to control each production process to "quality first, delivery on time, excellence, continuous improvement" quality policy, product quality to delivery time control has been recognized by many well-known enterprises.
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Guangzhou Akiyoshi Technology Co., Ltd.Founded in September 2015, is a research and development, production, customer to map customization of various types of sheet metal chassis and equipment of high-tech enterprises, is the earliest manufacture of constant temperature and humidity projector protective box, laser protective box enterprises, the company designed and manufactured protective boxes for large digital projector outdoor projection protection use, Can be used with 6500-30000 lumens projector. The company has: first-class management team, the implementation of the most advanced management concepts and operating mode, leading all staff to create a high efficiency and quality of low-cost enterprise production environment! For our customers to produce high-quality low-cost metal chassis products, for the vast number of customers to create greater value! .....
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Precision sheet metal processing in many
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Precision Sheet Metal processing is the
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Able to meet the requirements of outdoor harsh environmental conditions, anti-aging, high temperature resistance, UV resistance;
The Projector Protective box junction box consists of a box cover, a box body, a terminal, a diode, a connecting line, and a few parts of the connector. Shell to have a strong anti-aging, UV resistance, in line with outdoor harsh environmental conditions of use requirements
The main application area of Projector protective box is the relatively harsh environment of the industry to the scene and open-air site. The impact resistance, static load strength, insulation properties, non-toxicity, anti-aging properties, corrosion resistance and flame retardant properties of the material should be taken into account when considering the safety performance of the product.